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By Ashutosh Kumar Tripathi on 3/22/2014

ASP.NET is a development framework that provides facility to build web pages and sites incorporating CSS, java script, Html and server scripting.

Development becomes very easy using these three types of Asp.net.

1. Web Pages

2. MVC

3. Web Forms

About Web Pages-

Websites and web applications can be created by 3 programming models in Asp.net.

JavaScript, CSS, Html and server code can be very easily combined by Asp.net web pages. It is very easy to use.

Web Pages provide multiple flexibilities-

It is easy to learn, easy to understand and easy to use

Built around single web pages

Similar to PHP and Classic ASP

Can be use Server scripting with Visual Basic or C#

Full Html control, CSS and JavaScript control

Web Pages can be extended with programmable Web Helpers, including database, video, graphics, social networking and much more.

We can be used WebMatrix in Web Pages.

WebMatrix is a simple and very powerful free ASP.NET development kit from Microsoft.

WebMatrix provide a multiple property-

A web server language (Razor using VB or C#)

A web server (IIS Express)

A database server (SQL Server Compact)

A full web development framework (ASP.NET)

We can be start from scratch with an empty web site and a blank page with WebMatrix, or build on open source applications from a "Web Application Gallery".

About Razor-

Razor is markup syntax and using for adding server-based code to web pages.

Razor is traditional ASP.NET markup, but it can be learn and use very easily.

Razor is a using for server side markup syntax such as ASP and PHP.

Razor is markup syntax and supports both languages C# and Visual Basic programming.

Razor Syntax Rules for C#-

Razor code blocks are enclosed in @ { ... }

Inline expressions (variables and functions) start with @

Code statements end with semicolon (;)

Variables will be always declared with the var keyword.

Strings are enclosed with quotation marks (?)

C# code is case sensitive

C# files have the extension .cshtml

About MVC Programming Model-

It can be told that MVC (Model View Controller) is one of the important programming models.

MVC is a .Net framework for building web applications using a MVC design:

The Model always represents the application core (for instance a list of database records).

The View displays the data (the database records).

The Controller handles the input get by user (to the database records).

MVC also provides full control over JavaScript, Html and CSS.

The logic for application data is being handles by Model.

The View is also parts of the application and handles the display of the data.

The Controller is also part of the application that handles user interaction.

In other words we can  say that controllers read data from a view, control user input, and send input data to the model.

Complex applications can be manage very easily by MVC because it focus on one aspect at a time. For example- the user can focus on one point like view without depending on the business logic. It also makes it easier to debug and test any application with consist the architecture of MVC.

The MVC separation also provides group development which multiple developers can be worked on the view, the controller logic and the business logic in parallel. If we want to increase our productivity then MVC is great way.

About Web Forms-

Websites and web applications can be created by three programming models in Asp.net very easily.

JavaScript, CSS, Html and Server code can be use very easily for combine by Asp.net web pages. It is very easy to use.

Web Forms is a combination of Html, server controls, and server code and this is a very old for Asp.net programming model.

Web Forms are always working on server side. It is compiled and executed on the server. After executed it always generates the Html because web pages displayed in Html.

Web Forms have more controls and components about their have hundreds of different web controls and web components to build user-driven web sites with data access.

Visual Studio Express 2010 and 2012

Visual Studio Express is available as a free version of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Express is a great development tool which is made for Web Forms and MVC.

Visual Studio Express provides more features:

MVC and Web Forms

Visual Studio Express provides drag-and-drop facility for Web controls and web components.

Razor using VB or C# as a Web server language

IIS Express is using as a web server.

Sql Server Compact is using as a Database server.

Asp.net provides a full web development framework.

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