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In our manual functional testing, we adhere to a four-step approach that includes defining test requirements, developing test designs and test cases, documenting failures, and continuously updating all stakeholders on the release's status. The user's point of view is important to every test strategy throughout all phases of functional testing services.

Finding flaws, problems, and defects in the software application is the goal of manual testing. The most basic method of testing is manual software testing, which assists in identifying deep drawbacks in the software program.

We have a proactive and cooperative team of quality testers with manual testing expertise. They take an experienced perspective on your business process and cover all use case scenarios to produce a relevant result for your end users.

We include in Manual Functional Testing

  • • Unit Testing
  • • Integration Testing
  • • System Testing
  • • User Acceptance Testing
  • • Interface Testing
  • • Sanity Testing
  • • Smoke Testing
  • • Regression Testing
  • • Beta Testing

Advantages of Manual Functional Testing

  • • Manual Functional testing services that are affordable and in tune with one's project's and business requirements
  • • Let's continuously focus on the complex features and functions of an application
  • • Allows testers to spend more time becoming familiar with a product's features and functionalities, allowing them to monitor the quality of a product throughout its development cycle.
  • • Allowing testers to apply their expertise to simulate the user experience freely
  • • Identify defects outside of the code for an application

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