Be it Android or IOS, mobile technology constantly affects the mass in all levels. Mobile Application Development refers to the process of crafting apps for mobile phones or devices on a particular software platform. The best mobile applications are those that are independent and are not mere warmed-over website pages.


Advantage of Android

Android has so many benefits:

  • 1. Supported by Google - Due to the involvement of Google Android, we received the goodwill that very few softwares achieve. Even though it looks like an exact copy of another OS, the name Google drove sales to new heights.
  • 2. It's open and free - Due to the open source nature of the OS, any one can customize it. Be it large companies like Samsung or relatively new companies like Karbon and Micromax. Due to it being open and free, it drives down the cost for the vendor.
  • 3. Versatile - This application runs on wearables, mobiles, set-top boxes, and more. It can be used on any kind of device, which gives it a huge advantage because manufacturers will be able to use an OS that fits into any device they build.
  • 4. Market Leader - Due to the momentum it has received and the amount of devices being added every month, it is lucrative for companies and service providers to tap into this ecosystem.
  • 5. Designed beautifully - After many iterations the look and feel is compelling and easy to understand. Earlier versions were basic UI that was meant for functionality, but now it has all the bells and whistles for the UI conscious crowd.
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