Data Migration from Maximizer Crm to MS Crm 365

Executive Summary

XYZ is situated in UK. XYZ provides IT services to its clients. They primarily focused on businesses, government, domestic and content providers and mobile wireless companies. XYZ were using Maximizer Crm for past few years for managing their customer service request and wanted to upgrade another CRM which address their needs and improved coordination for the overall sales, marketing and customer service efforts.

Problems faced by XYZ Company

Earlier, XYZ used Maximizer CRM as well as Excel worksheets to achieve their CRM efforts. XYZ felt that their existing CRM System was not providing them with functionality that they were looking forward for. This resulted in operational issues, a lack of pipeline visibility, and absence of appropriate information regarding customers and their support issues.

XYZ made a decision to try out other system which could provide the functionality that they wanted, at the same time they also wanted to bring across all the data that was present in the existing Maximizer system. Our client required to easily migrate their complete Maximizer data to a new CRM system without losing any data and without interrupting their current work while migration will be in progress. 

Our Solution for migrating Maximizer data to MS CRM 365

XRM Labs came to rescue, by understanding the challenges of implementing the migration without interrupting their existing work on Maximizer CRM while the migration will be in progress.  XYZ Company wanted a solution that could migrate their existing data from Maximizer CRM to another CRM without their current Maximizer system downtime and data loss. 

We helped our client to review several other CRM solutions available in market to address their needs. XRM Labs created use case scenarios of day to day business that the client staff has to face. Base on the use case document XRM Labs did few demo showing how each CRM will be able to address these use cases. This proved very useful as the client was able to visualize the new System and chose what will work best for them.

Based on the demo the XYZ chose to go with Microsoft CRM as their preferred CRM Solution. XRM Labs was assigned the task of migrating data from Maximizer CRM application to MS CRM 2016 Online. XRM Labs helped XYZ by setting up a migration plan to migrate their data.  Our data Migration Team took the following steps for the migration:

  • Create a data migration plan and got approval in it from the client.

  • Created a mapping between Maximizer CRM and MS CRM 2016 for all the entities/objects. For example Accounts, Contacts, Notes, Activities, Emails, Appointments, Attachments, etc. that required to be migrated.

  • Identified the new custom fields that were present in Maximizer CRM but were not present in MS CRM. This ensured that all the data would be brought across to MS CRM.

  • The plan included transferring a small set of records to MS CRM 2016 and gets it reviewed by the client. This would ensure that the migration is on the correct path and any issues can be addressed ahead of time.

  • Then we proceed with the final migration with two set of import plan so that the current day to day work of the client on Maximizer CRM do not get interrupted.

  • In first step migration started with the complete data transferring from Maximizer CRM to MS CRM. Meanwhile XYZ company employees were continuing with their day to day work on Maximizer CRM.

  • In second step the remaining data which were entered by the ABC company employees into Salesforce CRM while first step of migration was in progress was also imported.

Technologies Used 


Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts and Figures)

  • The successful migration of Accounts, Contacts, Notes, Activities and Attachments from Maximizer CRM and we provided our client with a concrete, familiar CRM foundation. 

  • MS CRM 2016 provides a complete view of the customer for sales, marketing and other activities, personal view as per users affectedly improved customer satisfaction.  

  • MS CRM 2016 Advanced Find searching ability allows CRM Users to effortlessly query any information stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and also customize any related columns as per user need in the search result.

  • Communication is enhanced throughout the organization and improved access to the information and Data.


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