It is our business to know our clients’ requirement specifications,so we can foster your business with our wide array of products and services. Obviously, before entering into a business deal with any enterprise, the company seeks information about its products, services, case studies, and white papers to provide them insight into its tools and techniques and the average costs incurred.  

XRM Labs combines innovative insights, industrial knowledge, and manufacturing expertise to create world class solutions for our clients. Browse our resource center to get information about our latest manufactured products, case studies, and videos of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  

Latest Case Studies:
Read our case studies with different clients to learn how we work with them to provide valuable technological insights and optimum operating efficiency at relatively lower rates. Two of our recent case studies are about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and you can find them here: http://www.xrmlabs.com/ResourceCenter/CaseStudies

Software Downloads: 
Download the latest technology driven products manufactured by our innovative experts. Two of the latest software products contrived by our hi-tech engineers are as follows:

1. XRM Labs CRM Album: Built using Silverlight technology, CRM Album is a premium add-on for image and photograph management on the MS Dynamics CRM browser and has support for IE7, IE8 and IE9. 

2. XRM Labs Facebook DNN Login Module: This module allows your website users to login directly into your DNN web portal using their Facebook account.

Go through our videos to get an more info on our working platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These videos immensely help clients who are new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With the help of these videos, we acquaint you with our working environment, user interface, and the benefits of the platform. Featured videos are as follows: 

1.Getting Started with MS Dynamics CRM 

2.Opportunities Entity in MS Dynamics CRM

3.Managing Contacts in MS Dynamics CRM. 

Apart from above mentioned resources, you can browse our FAQs section to know more about our operational costs, efficiency, project management strategy and other development processes. 

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