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Sitemap Editing in CRM 2015

By Anurag on 1/20/2015

Today I will discuss how we can edit the sitemap in CRM 2015 you can also edit the Sitemap in CRM 2011 and 2013 by following same steps. Here I am having this Sitemap which I need to edit, means i want ‘Sales’ section before the ‘Customers’ section.


 For editing the Sitemap you need to create a new solution OR you can use default solution. First go to the Settings and follow the steps shown below and create a new solution by name ‘SiteMap’.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM>>Settings>>Solutions>>Create New Solution

Select the new solution by name SiteMap and click on the ‘Client Extensions’ on left nav and follow the step show below..

Step 1: Client Extensions

Step 2: Add Existing

Step 3: Select the Site Map

Step 4: Export Solution

Step 5: Publish All Customization

Step 6: Then Click Next Button

Please see the screen shot and follow the steps as given in the image.



Then save the solution on any location in the system. But remember do not change the file name while saving the solution.


After saving close the Window.


Then Extract Solution

Extract to the zipped file that I have saved earlier on system ‘SiteMap_1_0_0_0

After extract right click on the ‘customization’ file and select ‘Edit with Notepad++ or Notepad’.


Below is the XML file which i edited