It is the mobile operating system that is developed and created by Apple Inc. Exclusively for its hardware that is iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apple’s iOS operating system is over ten years old already. It’s the main software that allows you to interact with your Apple phone or tablet.


iOS Advantage

iOS with focus on Apple products is basically only purpose but with excellent benefits:

  • 1. iPhone Apps Are Better Looking - The best apps come out on iPhone first and are designed to look visually attractive for the iPhone audience.
  • 2. iPhone Updates - Regardless of which version you use, the updates for the iPhone are available for everyone, unlike the Android updates.
  • 3. Seamless interoperability - Information and data flow are seamless between iPhone,iPad and Mac.
  • 4. Unnecessary Apps - Unlike Android manufacturers, we will not be able to pack their own apps and customize your phone. Thus, keeping the iOS same everywhere.
  • 5. Resale value - The resale value of an iPhone is far higher than any Android device. You will get nearly double compared to an Android device for an old iPhone
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