Every organization expects world class services from their business partners, which would pave way to excellence within their market. If you are looking for exceptional services that will boost your business prospects, you can depend on us. At XRM Labs, we provide more than just consulting services to our clients. We create strategies and designs that provide methodological solutions to our client’s sophisticated problems. We adopt a multi-dimensional view for problem solving, which provides their business with optimum profit acquisition. Our products and services have brought respect and appreciation from our worldwide clients over the last six years. Partnering with us will give the best return on investment with our quality and affordable services. 

Depending upon the organizational needs of our clients, we provide refined, quality services in various domains like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Content Management Services (CMS).

As a software development firm that partnered with Microsoft, we have specific insights into financial technology, telecom and media. Therefore, we work on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide our clients with the following services: 

1. CONSULTING: We provide our clients with cutting edge solutions with our business consulting services, so they can stand out from their competition.

2. DATA MINING: With the help of our statistical data mining techniques, we allow client organizations to access highly formatted, data rich, and predictive reports through various user interfaces. 

3. MIGRATION AND SUPPORT: We efficiently migrate data by cleaning, transforming, merging, duplicating and loading our client’s data into Microsoft Dynamics. Clients who need help after the migration will have the proper support and assistance by our troubleshooting experts.

4. INTEGRATION: In order to account for data consistency and effective use of Microsoft Dynamics, we provide integration services through various tools, which will end up saving you more on your operational costs.

5. CUSTOM IMPLEMENTATION: We offer various custom based workflow activities to our clients due to our customized approach in the implementation process. That way, we can specifically meet each of our client’s requirements and specifications.

6. REPORTING: Working on a Microsoft dynamics platform, we provide our clients with high quality reporting services with the use of SQL server 2008, which include tools like Report Designer and Report Builder.

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