Online Web Portal to Purchase Certification Courses

Executive Summary

ABC is a plumbing and heating contractor in UK that helps other plumbing and heating contractors run professional and profitable businesses, while ensuring consumers have a better standard of workmanship and service. ABC encourages the best training and practices within the industry and provides consumers with the reassurance of quality service. This organization provides certification courses to plumbing and heating contractors in the UK, so that their work is carried out to a professional standard.

Plumbing & heating installers registered with the APHC are qualified and professional businesses who are committed to high standards of workmanship and customer service.  

Problems faced by ABC Company

The ABC organization sells their courses to the contractors with their work certification. ABC has outsourced their learning program to a third party organization. The third party company sold online courses and conducted classroom training for ABC.

However, the issue faced by ABC was the loss of its brand during the period of purchase, which made the purchasers doubtful about the entire process. This also resulted in people booking less online because they did not trust the third party website.

Solutions ABC organization wanted.

ABC wanted a solution that allowed people to book courses in their website only, so they could display their brand and gain trust from customers who want to purchase their certification courses.

ABC already has a call to action button named “Book your Course” on their website. By clicking on it, the user will be redirected to the online booking portal. On this web portal, users will make reservations for their course. Thus, ABC organization will portray their brand and establish trust among their customers when they purchase a course.

Our Solution

We suggested ABC to provide a link button named “Book your Course” in their existing website. By clicking on it, the user will be navigated to the online booking portal homepage where all the courses are listed along with their details, certification level, duration, the cost of the course, and an online payment redirect at the end.

For ABC, the online web portal was designed to accept bookings from users/professional workers who are interested in the certification courses to improve their professional careers. The below steps are required to sign up for a course:

·         User registers himself at ABC’s online web portal and after login, users land on the Homepage to select a certification course.

·         Each booking process has two types of courses, one for the members of his organization and the other for non-members.

 ·        Once booking is completed, the system sends an email to the purchaser’s email address with the order details and receipt of the courses purchased as a PDF attachment.

·         As the purchaser successfully books/purchases the course, a complete order and payment record are created in MS CRM with all purchased line items. 

Dynamics CRM also maintains an updated list of contacts on the CRM system based on the list of users/professional workers that registered in the ABC online portal.

The CRM system holds the booking information of all the courses purchased by the users/professionals. 

Technologies Used


Dynamics CRM 2016

Web Service

HTML, CSS, Java Script    

Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts and Figures)

·         Better Customer Satisfaction.

·         Branded online booking portal increased the number of reservations for the certification courses.

·         New booking process is very user friendly and greatly reduces the booking time.

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