Online Childcare Booking System

Executive Summary

 XYZ is an organization in UK that provides sport activities and childcare during every school holiday at different venues throughout the Midlands. It offers you and your child a safe, fun-filled, flexible, and affordable childcare solution. The primary focus of this organization is to provide childcare in a much more active/efficient way, so children can get involved in physical activities like cricket, dance, football etc. For that reason,  XYZ accepts bookings from parents for their children during school holidays, so the children can spend the holidays productively rather than sitting idle at home.

In addition to the above, there were a number of employees in this organization who were involved in a manual booking procedure for children’s sports activities. XYZ had numerous office locations and each office had to adopt this booking procedure. 

As the holidays approached, XYZ was in chaos due to the large amount of parents trying to reserve a spot for their children at the last minute. Hence, it was very difficult for the employees to cater all the parents during their official working hours. Many offers like discounts, free days, vouchers, etc. were given to parents while booking. For that reason, work was quite cumbersome and challenging for employees since they had to manually manage all of these tasks while taking reservations. Sometimes discrepancies took place in the booking process, which caused XYZ to answer complaints from annoyed parents and correctly reserve their spots. Thus humiliating the professionalism of company XYZ.

 Problems faced by XYZ Company

 ·         The main issue faced by XYZ was the manual booking process due to the rush near the holidays and the various issues related to the amount, date, or discounts. The booking information was also not instantaneously available to all of the venues as there was no centralized system. So for high level managers, it was difficult to see the consolidated reports for the booking amounts and booking details per venue, date, etc.

·         Another major issue XYZ faced was that more children were booked for a specific activity than the allocated seats allowed. Later on, XYZ had to cancel the booking and rebook the child for another available activity. 

·         Since the manual booking process takes a long time, when parents came in large volumes near the holidays, the employees could not book their spots due to the conflicting business hours of the organization.

·       The employee’s workload was overwhelming since they had to prepare all the details in Excel sheets and present them to high level managers. Therefore, XYZ required an improved and effective booking procedure of the sports activities in the different venues.

 Solution XYZ organization wanted

XYZ wanted a solution that could automatically take reservations every day 24/7 without an employee’s intervention, so all parents could get their child booked to various sports activities at required dates. Also, they wanted the ability to generate consolidated reports at different levels, so higher management can have a complete overview of the bookings, amount details, dates, weekly updates, quarterly updates, annual updates, venues, and sports activities.

If a parent contact is selected, then a report for all his/her upcoming bookings, booking history, and other booking related details can be viewed.

Reports to know the sum of the paid amounts and its mode of payment (PayPal, childcare vouchers, credit card, etc.) while taking reservations.

Our Solution

Our client wanted a solution to overcome this cumbersome manual booking process, so that all bookings, discounts, and other details can be handled robustly. That’s why we suggested XYZ to fully automate their booking process.

We provided a solution with an online web portal that takes bookings from parents for their children and links it to the MS CRM for all sports activity centers across the Midlands.

·         Parents register on XYZ’s website and an account is created for them. After logging in, parents are directed to the homepage of the online web portal where they select a sports activity and the respective dates or weeks to book.

·         Each booking process has a set of functions that allows users to apply discounts, coupons, and their payment method.

·         One the booking is completed, the system sends an email to the parent’s email address with the booking details and receipt.

·        As parents successfully reserve sports activities for their child(ren), it is saved in MS CRM with complete details on the activities performed on the web portal. 

It maintains an updated list of contacts on the CRM system based on the list of customers/parents XYZ registers on its online booking portal.

Dynamic CRM holds the booking information of all the XYZ sports activity center venues. As of now, our online booking web portal is used to take reservations from parents for all the sports activities across the Midlands.

 Technologies Used


MS CRM2016


HTML, CSS, Java Script

 Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts and Figures)

·         Better Customer Satisfaction.

·         Online access for booking improved the booking process.

·         Reduced booking time process by 80%

With the online booking web portal linked to the MS CRM, XYZ can offer parents all sports activities online under each venue.

·         With this approach, clients have the flexibility to select their time slots at their convenience.

·         XYZ employees have reduced workload due to the online booking and reporting process.

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