XERO MS CRM Connector

Executive Summary

XYZ is an Australian organization that provides leadership training to top management in different industries. To start training, XYZ used to organize paid events, seminars, private consultations, and one on one reviews.

For maintaining financial records, XYZ uses Xero (http://Xero.com), which is an online accounting software. XYZ is also using Dynamic CRM 2011 as its CRM solution. Since XYZ is using two different software that don’t complement one another, there was no synchronization between them. Therefore, it faced problems like having duplicate/redundant data in both the systems. Xero was not receiving updated customer contact information from the CRM system (the salesperson has the latest customer contact information, but he/she was only using the CRM system). Furthermore, the sales team was unable to look at the historical invoices and the status of their customers in the CRM, which reduced their ability to effectively close sales.

XYZ wanted a system that could manage the synchronization between Xero and MS CRM. It wanted the invoices to be managed by the accounting software, and the customer details be managed by the CRM. All of the information should be synchronized between the two systems as well. The primary idea was to have a system that can exchange updated information, so the salesperson can see invoices and their status. Also, they wanted the accounts to input the latest customer’s address and contact information into the accounting software. The Xero CRM Connector tool solved the problem by implementing software on the customer side, which synchronized Dynamics CRM 2011 and Xero using a two way sync process. Now, both the sales and accounting department can easily receive updated information without extra work. XYZ now manages uniform business processes, which enhances management reporting capabilities, reduces costs of distribution, and reduces turnaround time for retrieving information. So, the Xero CRM Connector tool provides the perfect solution for XYZ’s challenges. Our customized software tool pushes invoice related data from Xero to MS CRM. At the same time, if a customer address/contact (mobile, email) information was updated by the salesperson in MS CRM 2011, the Xero CRM Connector tool will push this information into the Xero system.

Problems faced by XYZ Company

The main problem the company faced was the lack of a system that could exchange updated customer information and invoices between the accounting software, Xero, and their CRM. XYZ needed to eliminate redundant data entry processes, and the duplicated data from both the CRM and Xero systems.

XYZ needed the following solutions:

  •  A connector tool that can manage the synchronization of information from both systems.
  •  The ability to access updated information through the accounting system and to send the updated information to the CRM system. 

Our Solution- (What we did using CRM and Xero API

We created a customized software called Xero CRM Connector tool. It provides the following functionalities: 

  • It maintains synchronization of accounts and invoices in both Dynamics CRM and Xero systems. 
  •  If any updates/changes are done in Xero, those updates/changes are done in the CRM system as well due to synchrony.
  •  It is easier to manage customers and invoices in both systems. 

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2011
  •  Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
  •  XRM CRM Implementation
  •  Windows Service
  •  Xero SDK and API

Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts)

With the Xero CRM Connector tool implementation, the client improved its customer satisfaction, staff utilization, and coordination. Synchronized data was available in both systems.

Now, both the accounting and sales department are effectively utilizing the benefits of Xero and its CRM system.  

Why XRM Labs?

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