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Helpful CRM 2011 JavaScript Code snippets

By xrmlabs webmaster on 10/25/2012

How to get the logical name of the entity for the current record in CRM 2011 using Javascript   Code Snippet:  var entityName = Xrm.Page.data.entity.getEntityName();   For instance , if the current record is contact the above code will return a string "contact" If you want to get current user id in crm 2011 form you can use Xrm.Page.context, you have to use getUserId() method for this you can use it like below   Xrm.Page.context.getUserId() Hope this helps

Data Relation using Data Set in .Net

By xrmlabs webmaster on 10/25/2012

DataSet:   The DataSet class represents a memory-resident database. It is a container for the DataTable and DataRelation classes.DataRelationIt is a Class to establish relation with more than one data in the dataset.   DataRelation class constructor takes three arguments to establish relationship with other table.  1. Strdatarelationname(String type).  2. Parent table columan name.  3. Child table columan name.   To get all data againsed parent table column name you have to use GetChildRows method, which takes one  arguments( Strdatarelationname). and after getting all fields value of child table you can go further with your own code whatever you want.   Here below code gives you example to relate two table using particular field of table.   DataSet ds = null;  protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)  {  ds = new DataSet();  ds.Tables.Add(MakeAuthorData());  ds.Tables.Add(MakeBookData( ...

How to programmatically change the password of currently logged in user in Dot Net Nuke?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 10/25/2012

If you want to change password of currently logged in user. Then following code can be helpful for you.   Boolean changepass = UserController.ChangePassword(this.UserInfo,   YourOldPassword.Text, YourNewPassowrd.Text);   if (changepass) {     DotNetNuke.UI.Skins.Skin.AddModuleMessage          (this, "Your Password has been changed successfully",          DotNetNuke.UI.Skins.Controls.ModuleMessage.ModuleMessageType.GreenSuccess); }


How to populate a parent form lookup field value in a child form without using fetch xml in CRM 2011

By xrmlabs webmaster on 10/25/2012

If we want to retrieve data of a lookup field of parent form in a child form lookup field then we can use very easy javascript code without fetch xml in CRM 2011.   Let your parent form entity be Case(Incident) in which we need to retrieve a field name Customer of type   lookup (Having two types of values i.e. contact and account) in this lookup field.   The child  entity name casetask   having 1:N relationship(Case to Case task) and  Casetask entity has a lookup field of  Customer Contact in Casetask form so we can retrieve the custtomer data which is filled in Case entity(Customer field)  in the Casetask entity (Customer Contact  field )   So we can use  following  javascript code.   Define the function SETVALUE() function SETVALUE() {   if (Xrm.Page.ui.getFormType() == 1)  //Check if  form is in create mode   {     var oType =crmForm.ObjectTypeC ...

MS CRM 2011

How to call a web service using jquery?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 10/25/2012

JQury is a really powerful library which can be used to do many task. Its moto is do more write less to do more. In this post I will explain you how to call a Webservice using JQuery.


How to do a filter lookup on entity with 1:N relation in CRM 2011?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 10/25/2012

Hi Guys, was just wondering if the filtered lookup have been provided by the standard CRM 2011 system out of box. Just found some days back while I was implementing a requirement for a new client so thought to share it with you all. Follow the steps below for magic to unwind.

How to do a filter lookup on entity with 1:N relation in CRM 2011?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 10/25/2012

Hi Guys, It is a pleasant surprise to start using CRM 2011, if you are coming from from MS CRM 4.0 where you have to write a lot of code to get the filtered lookup working. Now CRM 2011 provides filtered lookups out of box. I was really excited after using them so though of sharing them with all of you. Follow the steps below to get filtering on the lookup

How to add JQuery support to CRM 2011?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 10/25/2012

Last night I spent couple of hours trying to debug a JQuery code in MS CRM 2011 which was not working as expected. After debugging I realized that JQuery native support is not available in microsoft CRM 2011. This was the exact reason why the Javascript was unable to recognize ‘$’ symbol and ribbion stopped showing on CRM 2011 page.  The easiest way to get this working is by creating a web resource and adding Jquery min file to it.

MS CRM 2011

What’s so cool about MS CRM 2011?

By xrmlabs webmaster on 10/25/2012

Many of my clients have been asking why they should move from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011?

DotNetNuke 6 was released

By xrmlabs webmaster on 10/20/2012

Yesterday, DotNetNuke 6 was released! The DotNetNuke Release Candidate includes all of the new features and improvements available in the final stable version and all the new additions are working very well. The most notable new features and additions in this release are: 1.A brand new skin 2.The DNN extension gallery 3.An all new module actions menu 4.Polished pop up and core styling 5.New admin control panel drop down menus

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