As a business owner or manager you would like to avoid lengthy and repetitive tasks which prevents you from looking at the big picture. SharePoint can streamline all your process and improve your efficiency and effectiveness manyfolds. Because of its customization ability it can change its shape, size and form to fit your requirement.


Customization is the ability to change the layout, view, content, and site structure for a group of users such as a department or corporation. (MSDN)

SharePoint platform allows you to you to create Web portals that centralizes and collects information from several pages into one single window. Your staff can easily access this information, documents from the central access point.

SharePoint allows you to customize the portal in a way that it offers every user a unique view based on their area of interests. SharePoints provides you with the ability to push information created in real time to only a set of predefined users that are filtered based on a criteria or are members of some security group, clubbed together by area of interest or are in the same department/job category

With the introduction of SharePoint Online subtle differences have crept into the way we do customization and branding because Online version gets features and updates on a regular basis more frequently than SharePoint Server Product which may affect the existing customization.

Although SharePoint is highly configurable and you will find just a little bit of adjustment will take care of your basic business needs. Unfortunately, there are many scenarios where your requirements cannot be met by the out of the box solutions and these little requirements make it necessary to customize SharePoint. However, we at XRM Labs are conscious of the fact that too much or unnecessary customization implemented in an erroneous way can lead to serious heartburns and a recurring nightmare for your company over a period of time.

Customizing a SharePoint Site:

XRM Labs has more than 5 years experience in dealing with various flavours of SharePoint and we can tailor a site to fit your business requirements like styling your existing page or adding new pages, modifying the site menu for better navigation etc.

Some of the customization which can be performed by Web Designer and Administrator site groups are:

  • • Manage Lists
  • • Add and Customize Pages
  • • Apply Themes and Borders
  • • Apply Style Sheets

All other users need to be assigned specific site groups to be able to access the pages needed to perform these tasks.

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