Travel & location finder Android and IOS App

Executive Summary

Our client is from the UK who helps tourists plan and enjoy their iconic coastal route that covers over 500 miles of the stunning North Highlands. Our client provides tours and adventure information through their website, which provides all the details regarding the travel routes and sightseeing information. The client's website helps tourists plan and enjoy the coastal route with an interactive map, itineraries, blogs, and much more! That way, they can search the map to identify places to stop and see how close you are to great locations and places.

Problems faced by Client Company

Our client's website helped tourists, but internet access was limited in the North Coastal Highlands. Therefore, the tourists were not able to get the route direction to their desired destination. Also, tourists had to carry a laptop to use the website for directions which was a nuisance. Using the website on a smartphone was also not efficient since the site works better on laptops. 

The client company needed a solution which could fully display the route. Most importantly, it had to work both online and offline to ensure it worked in areas with low or no signal. 

So when the tourists were surrounded by the splendour of the natural Highlands, they would still be able to find the nearest sightseeing attraction, accommodation, hotels & cafeterias. 


Our Solution provided through an App launched in both Apple & Android users.

We suggested the company to launch a Mobile App. We helped them set up an app for Apple and Android users to meet their client’s requirements. Therefore, when they take the tour of the outer locations of the North Coastal Highlands, they can have access to all of their necessary information. 

The most crucial requirement was that the app could work offline since it is impossible to get internet access everywhere in the North Coastal Highlands.   

1.       Our App works online and offline and automatically updates when connected online. Thus, the user will have information and itineraries in their current location. When offline, the user can manually access all information on the route. 

2.       When the app switches over to the map, it displays the route predefined in the application which is visible at any zoom level. 

3.       A location of interest in App menu is defined as follows:



                    Food and Drink


                    Outdoor Attraction & Adventure

                    History & Heritage



4.       A location of interest has the following information which is displayed to the user when they tap on the drawing pin


·         Name

·         Information

·         Address

·         Telephone

·         Website


Search functionality provide in app by us


The app is able to search its location database and highlight points of interest that the user has selected.


When users click on a region, a sub menu will drop down, and the user could select their location type. 



When users tap on a drawing pin, a popup appears which displays information about the location.



Technologies Used

·         Android and iOS 

·         To support offline map used OSM (Open Street Map)


Client Benefits-their improved statistics (Facts and Figures)

·         Better Customer Satisfaction.

·         Improved access to the information and in offline mode too.


With our mobile app, we provided visuals to display beautiful sceneries of the route. Scrollable background images were used to navigate through itineraries. Also, the app UI was kept as simple as possible for tourists and visitors to access route and attraction information.


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